3D Shoe Upper Machine
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3D Shoe Upper Machine

Qiangsheng is a professional 3D shoe upper machine manufacture, you can rest assured to buy 3D shoe upper machine from our factory. This 3D shoe upper machine is a fully automatic computer knitting flat knitting machine without lifting bottom plate device, which can weave basic knitting tissues (siping, single side, etc.), multi-color irregular jacquard, inlaid flowers (tasha), twist flowers, pick holes and other weft case tissues. it is suitable for weaving shoes upper and other accessories from raw materials such as silk, silk, synthetic fiber, wool, nylon and blended yarn.


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Product Description

Qiangsheng as one of the leading 3D shoe upper machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Over the years, we have always focused on the research in the field of 3D shoe upper machine. With rich experience and professional technology, we have our own brand in China and have achieved good response. Our 3D shoe upper machines have covered China, Europe, Africa, South America, Argentina and other multinational fields, and established senior cooperative relations with many buyers. Single carriage three system 3D shoe upper machine professional production of the shoe upper, high production efficiency. This serie uses digital technology to achieve the patterns of weaving, pointel, (uck. light tuck, apparent shape, hidden shape, inlarsia. floatless intarsia and other irregular structure patterns.

Product Parameter:






Single carriage three system

Knitting Range


Knitting System

Single carriage three system

Knitting Speed

maximum speed is 1.8 m/s without load, with 128 sections of programming speed

Stitch Density

128 section electronic control, using subdivision technology; The stepping motor controls and adjusts the density, and the adjustable range is 0-650

Dynamic stitch

It is realized by high speed stepper motor, which supports the realization of multi-segment variable mesh control within a row of pattern, and the realization of a variety of fabric density in the same lineWeaving, rich weaving patterns.


Can be turned back and back at the same lime, not affected by the nose direction, minute knitting.

Racking System

Motor driven, 1/2 and 1/4 needle in any position; Maximum 2 inches on one side.

Take-Up Device

128 sections of automatic control, time division adjustment, can be automatically identified according to the width of the pattern automatically adjust the tension, can meet a lot of local weavingThe pulling force requirement of the pattern makes the pulling force of the fabric evenly distributed and the strength is reliable.

Yarn feeder device

The roller feeding device can precisely control the tension of the yarn and ensure the consistency of the whole fabric quality.

Safety Device

The whole machine is covered to reduce noise and dust, infrared safety device, emergency stop device, cut off power device, indicator light alarm device.

Stop Motion

Automatic stop for yarn breaking, yarn knot, cloth winding, firing pin. number of pieces completed, overload, program error, etc

Control System

the screen uses LCD Industrial display, touch screen graphical interface, transmission mode uses USB and network, which can be used io store a large number of pattern files, and can be called out and used at any (itne according to production needs. Monitoring screen: It can display all kinds of working parameters and knitted mesh value, and it can be adjusted al any time when the tnichinc is running, which is convenient for operation and time saving to the greatest extent. PlBtc-making system and control system (software pari) SH upgrade is convenient. Support a variety offlower formal CNT. HCD. 000. de. Support for multi-language operating versions (Chinese.

Data Input

Input data through a USB flash drive or computer connection

Blackout Memory Function

Advanced CMOS technology is adopted to realize blackout memory and call recovery weaving functions.

Network Function

High-speed ETHERNET network theoretically enables unlimited computer connection, data uploading and sharing, and real-time monitoring.

Power Supply Unit

Voltage: AC 22OV/38OV frequency; 50HZ/60HZ Power: 1.5KW

Size And Weight Of Machine

QL-352X14G: 2600*800*1700MM Weight around:750KG

Spccificalions and Coonfigurations Should Be Subjected To The Contracl.

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