Motorized Feeder

Motorized feeder of Qiangsheng adopts self-running yarn nozzle, the yarn nozzle does not need to be driven by the machine head, and the movement mode is self-integrated, which is controlled by the encoder with high precision feedback, so that the yarn nozzle can stay in the specified position more accurately, and properly match the needle out and the needle in the machine head. Improve the weaving efficiency, can realize more complex pattern weaving.
motorized feeder is mainly used for weaving complex inset patterns. Compared with the traditional pattern, it saves most of the yarn rows of the nose belt, improves the efficiency and improves the quality of the edge weaving. In addition, the main wide yarn switching of the full house hair pattern is a unique function of the self-running yarn nozzle, which provides convenience for weaving special patterns.

Newest motorized feeder is independently controlled by the system, and the action is monitored and fed back in real time, which is of strong real-time performance, faster speed and more stable. Application of servo flexible algorithm, quick start and stop, precise position. The yarn nozzle can automatically avoid the technology, automatically calculate the location of the yarn nozzle, no need to kick the yarn, greatly saving the weaving trip. And support up to 32 nozzle, nozzle automatic arrangement. There are peer multicolor cancun technology and peer single needle cancun technology, the head without turning, through the nozzle can automatically switch to achieve multicolor cancun effect and single needle cancun effect.
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