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Maintenance method of double system computerized flat knitting machine


The application of the dual-system computerized flat knitting machine has significantly improved the textile production efficiency, but after a period of use, some dust will accumulate in the needle groove, which will reduce the quality of knitted fabrics. 

Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance work cannot be ignored during the use process. When cleaning the car, you need to pay attention to the following aspects: 

1. Push all the knitting needles into the knitting area, so as to avoid damaging the needle tongue when pulling the upper plug iron.

2. All parts taken from the equipment must be placed in the original order, and can not be messed up, so that it will be more convenient to install later. 

3. If there are rust marks on the needle bed, you can use emery cloth for slipping treatment, but you cannot wipe the position of the needle bed grid-shaped tooth opening, otherwise it will damage the flatness of the tooth opening. 

4. In order to avoid the impact on the application of the pressing needle due to the damage to the front, the front area of the plug iron should not be touched when rubbing with emery cloth. 

5. It is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the needle groove, otherwise it will affect the processing effect of the textile. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly use the correct method to clean the needle groove to avoid damage to the needle bed.

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