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The difference between single and double system computerized flat knitting machines


A single-system computerized flat knitting machine, as the name suggests, is a system. Simply put, it is the same as a hand-cranked flat knitting machine. The head goes back and forth once in 2 rows (1 turn).One walk is 4 lines (2 turns).From the perspective of time efficiency, it is definitely the best of dual systems. The same piece of clothing can save half of the time.In terms of overall efficiency, the dual system is high.

The double-system computerized flat knitting machine is suitable for more complex patterns. The machine head can carry two yarn feeders at the same time, but one of the systems may need to be turned off when doing most simple patterns; the single-system computerized flat knitting machine is used for ordinary goods.(Especially unilateral) is more cost-effective, the machine head is light, the operation is flexible, and it is slow to make complex patterns, because a single system only needs one bite, and it cannot realize one bite and one bite.In the pattern, as long as the pattern can be woven by a single system, the double system can be woven, but the relatively complex pattern can not be woven with the single system.

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