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The introduction of computerized flat knitting machine

Computerized flat knitting machine is a kind of double needle plate tongue needle weft weaving loom. Its triangle device is like a group of planar CAM, the needle needle can enter the groove of the CAM, move the triangle, force the needle to make regular movements in the groove of the needle plate, and through the needle hook and needle tongue action, the yarn can be woven into knitted fabric. In the rising process of the knitting needle, the coil gradually exits the hook, opens the needle tongue, and exits the needle tongue hanging on the needle rod; When the knitting needle is falling, the needle hooks the yarn laid by the new pad and pulls and bends it into a coil. At the same time, the original coil is pulled out of the needle hook, and the new coil passes through the old one and is connected in series with the old one. Many knitted coils are connected to each other to form a knitted fabric.
Computerized flat knitting machine
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